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Learn the game, and make it your own

Every chess player has a story. Some of us have been stuck at the same rating for months; some of us used to play back in high school, but don't know how to get back into it; some of us just want to beat a friend who always seems to get the best of us. Whatever your story may be, Focus Chess is here to help! 

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Our team is represented by titled masters, expert strategists, and passionate thinkers from around the world. We understand that every student learns, thinks, and plays differently; join us on the path toward your full potential!

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Daniele Genocchio

International Master


Isaac Trenton


Hear from our students!

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"Having had multiple coaches, Focus Chess provided me with one who stood far out from the others; he makes it clear that he wants to do everything he can to facilitate my growth as a player. He is always willing to stay over our lesson time if something  needed completion, and replies quickly and fully if ever I have any questions. I've had an excellent experience so far and I look forward to many future sessions!"


"I was able to see rapid improvements in my chess abilities and have fun doing it!"


“Originally, my coach's price point is what caught my attention; however, it was his teaching style, wealth of knowledge, and personality which kept me coming back for more! If you're even considering getting a chess coach, you should do yourself a favor and contact Focus Chess. They can seriously help you get from a competent stage to mastery before you know it!”

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Isaac Trenton, our Head Coach and Founder! He'll be able to pair you with the perfect coach, as well as answer any of your questions and concerns. 

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Connect with our growing community of chess players from around the world! Simply click the circle, and join our team - you'll have access to free tournaments, prize funded competitions, and simultaneous exhibitions.

We hope to see you soon - our coaches will be competing too!


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