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What Will Your Lesson Plan Look Like?

The chess board is a daunting, confusing place. After just 3 moves, a total of 121 million different positions are possible!  Knowing where to start can be challenging, but we firmly believe that with the right mindset, you can not only achieve mastery, but have fun along the way.

We're dedicated to help you find your style of the game; each one of our students learns differently, studies differently, and plays differently. Let's get started!


The Fun Part

To learn chess, you must play chess; you are taught first and foremost through the opponents you face and the boards you create. While every lesson varies in composition, you will never receive a lesson that did not get you playing chess. You will not only have opportunities to play against strong players, but you will have access to their live feedback for your own games against players your level. Most breakthroughs present themselves through the board itself; together, you will realize these breakthroughs as well. 


Your Path to Mastery

Don't worry, we won't have you suffering through pages and pages of variations, or memorizing painfully long master games. Instead, we teach all forms of theory through our 3 step process: Introduce, Understand, and Apply. From opening repertoire, to middle game technique, to end game drills. When we cover a concept, you will not only understand the knowledge, but retain it; this is the key to constant, observable improvement. For a basic introduction to some of the most commonly seen checkmating endgame positions, click the links below. 


A Crucial, Often Forgotten Step

This is what guarantees improvement after every game you play. Our goal is to provide you with as many tools possible to truly delve into deep analysis, with or without your coach's presence. With enough practice, you will never again encounter a position that you do not understand. You're already better than you think; your mistakes are not a demonstration of what you don't know, they are tools to help you realize what you have yet to learn.


Make the Board Your Own

We believe this is one of the major distinctions between our team and other top instructors; We are not only dedicated to making you the best player you can be, but we are set on revealing your passion for the game, and how that plays out on the board. From Fischer to Kasparov, every great player demonstrates their own, individual style. This is a key aspect of the game, and with proper guidance, you can play it to your advantage. Click the link below to check out the Chess Personality Quiz; tell us what you got when you book your first session!

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