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Meet The Team!


Isaac Trenton


My goal is simple: to prove that chess is a game for everyone. Over the past six years, I've spent countless hours formulating specific methods that have changed the way my students look at the board; through Focus Chess, I hope to share these methods, so you can not only improve more efficiently, but more enjoyably. I picked up the game at 12 years old, and am by no means a chess prodigy; now I've taught dozens of my own students, passed down my experience through other coaches, and broken into the top 20 players on Lichess!

As long as you have a passion for the game, Focus Chess is at your service.

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Join Us!

Focus Chess is always looking for fresh talent; if you'd like to take on students of your own, send us a message! You don't need a resume, but try to share as much information you can, including your time zone, your rating, and what drives you to coach others. If your application looks promising, we'll set up a training seminar!

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